The Happy 420 Skateboard means freedom in every way it has lots of symbolism hidden inside it's picture.

The Fire Flowers- Represent water and the pure and abundant energy contained within it. Symbolic of its molecules as it's broken down into pure hydrogen and oxygen gas. Water is the cheapest, most non-toxic, abundant environmentally friendly fuel and energy source known to mankind.

The Ankh- A symbol of "life" and the elements Water and air. Symbolically giving the rider magical protection of this imperishable vital life force.

The peace sign- Cause sk8ing is not a crime and people need to accept and be peaceful.

The Yin Yang- It's symbol means by emulating our natural phenomena in our universe we find peace with the world and ourselves.

Our Production and Custom boards are best quality and construction the industry has to offer. Made with seven plies of 100% American & Canadian Maple. Upon request, bamboo, fiberglass and other exotic materials are used. Each deck is pressed individually keeping the concave consistant therefore, no searching through the stack to find the 'good' deck.

Skate your Happy 420 board with pride!

Ride Hard, Live free, Happy 420!

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